About World Shepherds
World Shepherds.com is an association of all brave shepherds living all over the world. The word shepherd not only stands for the one who rears up the sheeps , goats and other domestic milk animals but also the one who provides the governance to protect , take care and leads the path.

Since the origin of the civilization , shepherds have been a prominent part of civic existence . Sheeps , goats and other domestic milk animals have been a potent source of economic activity. That is the reason that one name of shepherds is also ‘Dhanagars’ , who possesses “Dhan”, the wealth.

The life structure of a shepherd comprise tough routine. He is accustomed to take the herd of the sheeps in distant and remote part of forests or graze yards and he is there to face all the difficulties of nature such as hard sun, fierce rain , hail storms and extreme cold conditions. Life is hard, full of challenges every day but even than he is much closer to the nature and GOD.

In Hindu mythology, there are 12 ‘Rashees’, the zodiac signs, spanning the life cycle of every individual. The time phase of an year is also divided into these Rassees and earth revolves around the sun in a path divided into 12 Rashees. These Rashees have very important impact in calculating and speculating the future course of events in one’s life. The mark of very first Rashee is “Mesh” ( The male sheep) . So is the importance given to his mark , GOD is worshipped as Lord Shiva by all the shepherds , the deity for creation , operation and culmination.

All the founders of different big religions in the world were belonging to the shepherd community. May he be Lord Christ in Christianity, Lord Muhammad, in Islam, and Lord Krisha in Hinduism. One can see a ‘lamb’ in the lap of Mother Mariam, the mother of Lord Jesus Christ. So sacred is the origin of the society that the ancient shepherds use to sing the hymns in the glory of nature and Almighty. These hymns have become the source of ‘Vedas’ the founding pillars of Vedic Mythological thoughts, the mother of all the religious thoughts spread in all the civilizations.

Even today, the shepherds true to the meaning of the world prove themselves by identifying themselves for hard labour, sober and simple living, harmonious and accommodating gestures to other fellow mates.