Aims and Objectives
World Shepherds will work with the aim of “Universal Brotherhood” to achieve the following objectives
  1. Identify all the respectable members of World Shepherd community.
  2. To set the cultural exchange programme among the members.
  3. To work for the upliftment of the poors, helping the needies, and support the sufferers of War, Community Conflict or natural disaster - economically, socially and morally.
  4. To support the members all over the world suffering of Racial Descrimination and Commercial Prejudice.
  5. To run the awareness programme of Education on the lines of Universal Brotherhood so that a world can be created free from Cultural/ Religious Prejudices and maintaining the ‘Sauhard’ the universal brotherhood and fraternity on our Globe.
  6. To run the mass health awareness programmes with the help of national / International Govt/ Non-Governmental Organisation.
  7. To run the Educational/ Vocational Programmes for Economic development of the Poor Masses.
  8. To run the programme in eradicating the Social Discrimination Practices at all levels of the society.
  9. To work for removal of the differences and communal hatred among the different global boundaries.
  10. To run the Peace Programmes for the betrayed members of the families suffering from isolation, social aloofness and family prejudices.