Governing Council of World Shepherds
  1. Mr. Vijay Singh Pal
    Indian Custom Officer and State President of All India Holker Mahasangh & Chief promoter of this website.

  2. Mr Virendra Kumar Pal
    the state President of Uttrakhand Pal Mahasabha & Promoter of this website

  3. Mr Sunil Pal
    News Reporter of Channel TV 100

  4. Sh Shaitan Singh Pal
    Honourable President, All Indian Pal Mahasabha, a National level Association of shepherds in India and Senior Cabinet Minister to the Govt of Madhya Pradesh, the largest state in India.

  5. Sh. (Capt) Shriram Pal Holker
    The Honourable President of All India Holkar Mahasangh, New Delhi.

  6. Sh. Prem Pal
    Honourable President of All India Dhangar Mahasabha, New Delhi

  7. Sh. Bhojdev Pal Mudit
    A senior most Social activist.

  8. Dr Yeshpal Baghel
    the Principal of Mega Law College in India and Ex-National President of All India Youth Pal Mahasabha.

  9. Sh R D Pal
    ‘LokPal’ the ombudsmen of Electricity Regulatory Authority in Uttar Pradesh , the most populous Province of India.

  10. Mrs Rachna Pal
    The President of State Consumer Forum, Uttar Pradesh, India.

  11. Dr Devendra Pal
    the National President, “All India Council of Sidha System of Medicines”.

  12. Dr Satish Baghel
    the Chief of Operation Theatre in Jolly Grant Hospital in Dehradun.

  13. Dr Baleshwar Pal
    the Vice President , the state Higher Education Committee of Uttarakhand , India.

  14. Sh Vinod Pal
    the Vice President of National Sarvodaya Kranty Party in India and renowned manpower supplier to the Garment Industry in National Capital Region of Delhi, India.

  15. Sh Anil Pal
    the most celebrated Social Activist of Shepherd community in India.

  16. Mrs Archana Pal
    social activist and the Member of Local Municipal Board, Kashipur, Uttrakhand.

  17. Sh Manoj Pal
    the President of State Yough wing of Uttrakhand Pal Mahasabha, Social Activist and state coordinator of Youth wing of Bhartiya Janata Party, Uttrakhand.

  18. Mrs Sudha Rani Pal
    Social Activist and Ex- Contestant to the State Legislative Assembly, Uttrakhand.

  19. Mr Uday Singh Pal
    the Director of Maha Medha Bank, Ghaziabad., India.

  20. Mr Pankaj Holker
    Advocate and the International Secretary to the “ Manav” , a voluntary Youth organization in the support of Handicapped based at Delhi, India.

  21. Mr R R Pal
    Retd. Regional Food Commissioner, Ghaziabad, India.

  22. Mr Sushil Rana
    the state Secretary of the youth wing of Uttrakhand Pal Mahasabha, & the young entrepreneur in the state of Uttrakhand.

  23. Mr Ajay Raj
    Ontario, Brompton Canada

  24. Mr John Nicholson

  25. Mr Sanjeev Kumar Pal (Bunty)

  26. Mr Chandra Pratap Singh Baghel (C.P. Singh) - Chartered Accountant
    New Delhi

The Patrons
  1. Mr. Raja Ram Pal
    The Honourable Member of Parliament , Govt of India

  2. Mrs Sarika Baghel
    The Honourable Member of Parliament , Govt of India

  3. Mr. S P Singh Baghel
    The Honourable Member of Parliament , Govt of India